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Store, Manage, Transport, and Appraise Your Wine Collection


Buckhead Wine Cellars has custom wine lockers that can hold from 9 to 180 wine cases. The actual number of wine cases that fit depends on the case type (i.e., wooden crates, foam shippers, etc.). We also offer custom wine lockers and wine storage rooms if your needs exceed those parameters.


Our wine storage facilities can accommodate the vast collections of wine clubs and affinity groups. Wine pallets can also be stored in a secured bulk storage area accessible only by the accompaniment of our staff.

Dedicated to helping you realize the most from your wine investment, we are a total service provider. As with any investment, it is important to track the volume and performance of your liquid assets – your wine.

Given the sheer size of some of wine enthusiasts' and collectors' large and valuable portfolios, even their "ready to drink" wine tends to go unopened for longer periods. Our wine inventory management services are tailored to meet your storage needs and collecting habits, ensuring proper shelving timeframes.

We can inventory your collection and catalog your bottles and boxes by simple or sophisticated database methodology, including portfolio valuations.

Members can ship their wine purchases to our facilities from anywhere in the country. Once your package has arrived, it will be placed in your locker free-of-charge, provided that space remains in your locker.

Transport services are provided through Buckhead Wine Cellar Logistics, which will organize, pack, transport, and unload any size wine collection. Without the experience of moving wine, shipping can become complicated and more expensive than it needs to be.

As a serious wine collector, Buckhead Wine Cellars satisfies all my long-term storage needs. The secure facilities, helpful staff, and custom shelving options are exactly what I require for off-site storage. - Phil D.

It is critically important to track your portfolio to make important decisions about your wine collection, including insurance coverage, donation, liquidation, and transport. During the appraisal process, Buckhead Wine Cellars methodically utilizes industry-standard pricing sources, along with our own contacts, to develop a valuation for any size wine collection.

To establish provenance of your wine collection, we utilize our climate monitoring data (temperature, humidity) combined with inventory management services to document the optimal conditions under which your wine has stored with us.

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