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John Hall, the owner of Buckhead Wine Cellars, parlayed his corporate expertise in strategic planning and analysis and entrepreneurial experience with his love of wine into a successful operation.


Established in May 2009, Buckhead Wine Cellars was Georgia’s first wine-only storage facility. Since then, John has grown Buckhead Wine Cellars into the largest facility of its kind in the Southeast, and expanded with the addition of a wine logistics unit of the business.


Jesse Langston partnered with John to open the Westside location in the Spring of 2016. As a retired utility executive, Jesse brings his corporate expertise in business strategy and development, along with independent ownership of self-storage and property management businesses to the team.


Together, John and Jesse have joined forces to offer the best in wine cellar management services to cater to the culture of wine – lock, stock and barrel.

If you do not have a home cellar, this is the ideal location for wine storage. John is professional, friendly and helpful. - Linda M.

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